Our Advanced + program consists of 4 courses,  each lasting 12 weeks. Classes meet once a week for 2 hours. We also have an online classroom and discussion board to offer our students more practice time outside the classroom.  Our courses also offer cultural events and outings. 

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Brazil Ahead

CITIZEN 1 to 4

The course aims at developing language competence and covers all aspects of language learning with great emphasis on oral communication and written skills. It is designed to cover vocabulary studies, for world scene and for selected texts (reading, listening, speaking, writing) in Portuguese Language advanced level including access to the media; Brazilian Culture, by developing the four skills of the language in text interpretation expressed either orally or in written form on literary texts, as well as Cultural approaches to different aspects on the present Brazilian reality, related to the oral and written practice in the Portuguese Language.

Upon completing the course successfully, students should be able to
guarantee the linguistic competence and performance through the practice of conversation and composition in the context of the Brazilian culture.


"I chose to study Portuguese at Brazil Ahead because I wanted to be able to communicate fluently in another language. Brazil Ahead's class structure was way more flexible than other schools I looked at and all of the instructors I met were excellent teachers who were really excited to share their language and culture with students. In the two years that I have been taking classes with Cristhiane and her team, I have learned to speak and understand Brazilian Portuguese and appreciate all of its beauty. In classes, we use music, movies and TV shows to make the language relevant and interesting. One of the big problems I had when trying to learn languages in the past was becoming bored with the material. The teachers at Brazil Ahead make every class a unique experience and focus on what you want to learn, while teaching you the tougher points (like grammar and pronunciation) in a way that makes sense to the individual student. If you really want to learn how to speak Portuguese, beyond ordering from a menu or asking for a hotel room (though the awesome instructors could also teach you that), then take classes at Brazil Ahead."

Alina Mason, Lawyer