festa junina 2019

Festa Junina!

Brazil Ahead Festa Junina em NY

Festa Junina na Brazil Ahead é Trem bão demais, sô!

It means that it is a wonderful, terrific, fantastic, unmissable celebration hosted by Brazil Ahead.

Festa Junina is one of the most traditional parties in Brazil. As a provider of Brazilian culture for the greater NY, Brazil Ahead is bringing it to NYC year-by-year. And here we go again!

It's celebrated on June - from where it comes the name Junina - and we're going to start the month with our expected Party.

Sunday, June 2nd, from 2 PM - 5 PM

Address: 229 W28th St - NY - 10001

We are going to play and dance in folkloric ways. We are going to have Brazilian vendors with traditional treats and foods.

Our tickets fly by faster. Guarantee your spot buying your tickets soon

Festa Junina 2018

Free entrance for kids under 3

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