Accent reduction & Pronunciation

Brazil Ahead


These workshops are for students who wish to improve their pronunciation skills. Students will receive specific information about how to pronounce Brazilian Portuguese sounds and how to use intonation and rhythm to help them be better understood. There is time for practice and feedback in each workshop. Through magazine articles, songs and tongue twisters, you will study the relationship between sounds and letters.

You can sign up for one or several of the individual workshops according to the skills you wish to reinforce.

Workshop 1

  • Vowel reductions
  • How to pronounce final letters
  • Intonation and rhythm When not to link words within a sentence
  • When and how to link sounds (within a sentence)

Workshop 2

  • Final M, R and L
  • How to pronounce individual words and words within a sentence
  • How to link sounds

Workshop 3

  • Sounds of the consonants & vowels
  • Intonation:How to differentiate and produce statements, questions and exclamations (sentence rhythm)

Workshop 4

  • Nasal sounds (m, n, nh, -ão)
  • Intonation and rhythm:How to express feelings (surprise, enthusiasm, etc.)

Workshop 5

  • Main differences between Spanish and Portuguese
  • Different sounds of the letter "X"
  • Intonation and rhythm:
  • How to express feelings (amiability, displeasure, anger, etc)

All materials are included in our workshops