Portuguese Express® is a crash course especially designed for those who are planning to visit Brazil soon and want to practice Portuguese before going. Also, it is an excellent option for students who want to review important points and practice in a more intensive course.

This 8-hour course gives you an immersive experience with a lot of practice and role-playing, which will help you become more fluent and confident while speaking Portuguese. The main idea of this intensive program is to focus on your ability to express yourself in everyday situations.

The course lasts two days, 4 hours per day (1PM to 5PM), on weekends:

  • Day 1 (Saturday) - focus on grammar and pronunciation;

  • Day 2 (Sunday) - focus on vocabulary, idioms and useful expressions to further develop your conversational skills.

Our instructors give individualized feedback on grammar and pronunciation errors to all students.

The program is divided in 3 levels (basic, intermediate and advanced).

If you're not sure what your level is, please take our placement test here: http://www.brazilahead.com/news/placement-test


  • Group Classes -  $240

Next Groups:

  • March 10th - March 11th - 1PM-5PM
  • March 24th - March 25th - 1PM-5PM
  • April 14th - April 15th - 1PM-5PM
  • May 5th - May 6th -- 1PM-5PM


  • One-on-One - $520

8 hours (Saturday and Sunday) - material fee included.

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Portuguese Express - Sat&Sun - 1PM-5PM

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