Our Advanced program consists of 4 courses,  each lasting 12 weeks. Classes meet once a week for 2 hours. We also have an online classroom and discussion board to offer our students more practice time outside the classroom.  Our courses also offer cultural events and outings. 

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Brazil Ahead

Resident 1

Students at this level are able to handle everyday conversations with ease but are eager to expand their cultural and idiomatic knowledge of Portuguese, as well as wrap-up their learning of advanced grammar. Listening, reading, speaking and writing skills will be addressed throughout the course.

Upon completing the course successfully, students should be able to:

  • Have a conversation with native speakers about different subjects using the right conjugation and right words when talking or expressing specific points of view.
  • Become familiar and comfortable using the more compound verb tenses.
  • Expand their knowledge of idiomatic expressions and phrasal verbs together with the use of the passive voice.

Resident 2

This course will focus on practicing advanced language structures by reading a diverse range of texts, including short stories by different Brazilian authors; speaking and writing about a variety of contemporary texts; watching movies and documentaries; and listening to news, songs and other authentic audio material. The emphasis will be on language usage and culture

Upon completing the course successfully, students should be able to:

  • Express themselves with precision and in detail about a variety of topics in Portuguese;
  • Describe and narrate personal experiences, participate in conversations about a variety of topics, explaining, narrating, describing and asking questions;
  • Develop their written expression and describe events handling the different tenses of Portuguese and employing complex structures and vocabulary

Resident 3

This course is designed to give students extensive experience in Portuguese and emphasizes skill development and refinement in the area of critical reading and writing in Portuguese.

We will review the finer aspects of grammar along with activities that target vocabulary enrichment and further oral and written proficiency, while analyzing newspaper and magazine articles, literary texts, films and music. We also use a range of resources and materials from the Internet to initiate different oral activities. Writing is practiced through frequent essays and short compositions. Each assigned reading, web research, or movie seen will be followed by class discussion.

Upon completing the course successfully, students should be able to:

  • Build vocabulary competence and improve oral communication through the study and discussion of topics related to cultural aspects from current issues in Brazil.

Resident 4

This course is designed to expand on students’ ability to talk about abstract topics. Typical classroom activities include simulations and debates. A special emphasis will be placed on the study of current events and their global impact.

Upon completing the course successfully, students should be able to:

  • Learn to communicate effectively, accurately, and creatively in all time frames, as well as to express and support their opinion on topics related to their area of expertise..

“I have been studying Portuguese with Cris Vieira-Rozenblit for over a year. Even though I am an advanced student and speak Portuguese fluently, I found it amazing that I learn a lot from classes with Cris. She is very organized, very professional and she has an uncanny ability to pick up and discuss nuances and relevant details. In my profession I deal with foreign languages and leading linguists every day. Cris is the best teacher of Portuguese I have met. When we studied writing in Portuguese I also noted that Cris is an extremely thorough and competent editor and points out errors that others would, probably, either not notice or not bother to correct. Brazil ahead is strongly recommended.”

Vladimir Kolesnikov, Interpreter, United Nations