The Celpe-Bras (Certificado de Proficiência em Língua Portuguesa para Estrangeiros) Exam is the only official test of Brazilian Portuguese as a Second Language recognized by the Brazilian Ministery of Education (MEC). The Celpe-Bras is a necessary requirement for admission of international students to Brazilian universities, and it is also widely accepted internationally as proof of Portuguese language competence. The exam consists of an intensive written part, including both oral and reading comprehension, and an oral interview.

Celpe-Bras exam takes place twice per year in April and October. Registrations may be done during the months of February, March, August, and September.

We can help you prepare for the Celpe-Bras Exam

Qualified native teachers will prepare you for the examination, using all types of texts, radio and TV reports, interviews, and picture material to develop your listening, reading comprehension, speaking, and writing ability. This course focuses on both the written and spoken aspects of the Portuguese language and gives you the means to deal with any situation you might encounter in the CELPE examination.Also, you can enjoy regular or intensive classes, from Monday to Friday. The courses contain grammar, reading, and writing lessons as well as interactive roll-playing activities. Listening and comprehension practice and listening to Brazilian music complement the lessons. The course aims, corresponding to the level, to prepare you to deal with everyday situations, to satisfy basic needs, to understand information and discuss even difficult subjects articulately.

The course aims, corresponding to the level, to prepare you to deal with everyday situations.

“I went to Brazil Ahead to prepare for a trip to Brazil. The progress I experienced in one month was excellent. I went from speaking nothing to being ready to live and travel in Brazil on my own. Within my first week in Brazil I was conducting interviews in Portuguese with leaders in the non-profit and business sectors. I recommend Cris because she’s passionate about helping you learn Portuguese, and because she’ll do what she can to make your time in Brazil rewarding and enjoyable. She is a first-class instructor with successful methods. If you want to learn Portuguese, Brazil Ahead is the place.” 
Nicholas Anderson, Senior Student at UNC-Chapel Hill