Tuition and fees must be paid in full at registration. Acceptable forms of payment are check, money order (payable to Brazil Ahead), or credit card (Visa, MasterCard & American Express). We regret that we cannot accept partial payments. A $50 fee is applied to any bounced checks. If an employer fails to pay the cost of a student's tuition fees and material Brazil Ahead will require the student to pay the tuition.

Payment Plan

We offer payment plans through PayPal. Please note that students enrolled in a payment plan must also follow the cancellation/ transfer/ refund policy stated below. Students who choose to pay for their tuition through our Payment Plan must honor the 3 installments even if they decide to stop attending classes. Full tuition and fees are still due if a class is dropped.

Once again, and we cannot stress this enough: unless the course is cancelled by the school, the student cannot cancel the payment plan for any reason. It must be paid in full. Failure to make timely payments will subject the student to penalties as well as legal consequences.

Cancellation, Transfers & Refunds

Refunds less a 10% administration fee will be issued only with a written notice at least 3 days prior to the first day of class. Withdrawals or requests for a refund may not be made by telephone. Please note that absence from class does not constitute notice of withdrawal. If for some reason the student is unable to continue attending the course after the first day of class, we will charge for the first day of class and refund the remaining credit by check. However, there is NO REFUND or CREDIT available after the second day of class. Also, there are no refunds or credits for missed workshops. 

Transfers from one course to another or to private lessons must be done within the first two weeks of the same session, after which time no credits will be issued. A $50 transfer fee will be applied.

Students enrolled in a payment plan are not allowed to cancel the remaining payments after the second day of class. If for some reason the student is unable to continue attending the course after the first day of class, we will charge for the first day of class and refund the remaining credit by check. However, there is NO REFUND, NO CANCELLATION of installment plan or CREDIT available after the second day of class.

Private and Semi-Private Lessons Schedule

Private and Semi-Private Lessons are scheduled according to student's and teacher's availability. 

Should you decide to stop taking private classes your remaining credits will be valid for 60 days after the last class (please provide us with a notice in writing). Brazil Ahead will make every effort to accommodate the resumption of classes; however, the school cannot guarantee that the same time slot will be available. If the student does not resume lessons in 60 days after the day of suspension, the student's balance will be forfeited.

Missed classes and rescheduling policy

All private classes can be rescheduled if you are unable to attend a class. Private students must email us at at least 24 hours before a scheduled class during business hours to notify us of a cancellation or schedule change.  Any cancellation made after that time will be deducted from your account as we have to pay for the teacher's scheduled time. 

Group classes cannot be rescheduled. Because group classes must continue on a set schedule, it is important that you make it to all classes. If you are unable to attend a class session there will be no refund or credit for that class. In order for you to catch up, the teacher will fill you in by giving you the handout(s) from the missed session(s) and telling you what was discussed in class.

Make-up Classes

Students in a group class are entitled to 2 make-up classes which will be taken in a different group (same level – subject to availability). Make-up classes must be taken before the end of the course in which the student is enrolled. Any extra make-up classes can be arranged for an additional fee of $60 per hour. Note that there is no credit for group classes should you decide to stop attending the class.  

Canceled classes

Occasionally, a class may be canceled due to an unforeseen emergency or instructor's illness. Make-up classes are scheduled by the instructor. 

Note: Brazil Ahead reserves the right to cancel classes, change rooms, locations, alter times, dates, instructors and/or tuition without prior notification if necessary. We regret any inconvenience this may cause and will make every attempt to accommodate students.

Placement Test

Students who took Portuguese before are invited to take our placement test so we can better assess their levels. The placement test can be found here:


Because we want to make sure students are making the most out of their classes, we like to keep track of their progress. Therefore, in case of two consecutive absences, we will call you to check if there is any problem with your schedule as well as to make sure classes are meeting your expectations. If you miss three or more consecutive classes, and you are a private student, we will discuss holding the class on a different day or time to better accommodate your schedule.


As part of our evaluation process we offer a final exam (written and spoken). Although not mandatory, we strongly advise you to take it so you can better keep track of your learning process. If your company, however, hired our service your exam is mandatory.

Teacher Rotation

Brazil Ahead reserves the right to rotate instructors without prior notification if necessary.

Film & Book Library:

Items shall be requested online via Student Zone only. Teachers and other employees are not allowed to handle any item that hasn’t been previous selected. Once you select your item, allow us 24 hours to place it in your folder so your teacher can handle it to you on your next session at Brazil Ahead. You have 14 (fourteen) days to enjoy your item (book or movie) counting from the next day you checked it out online; if you are willing to extend for more than 14 (fourteen) days, please do so via our website - check extension box on our form. Please return items at or before due date to avoid late fees. After your due date you will be notified that you have a due item and you will be charged $0.25 per day (excluding Sundays), that should be paid in cash before a new item is checked out. If an item is kept for more than 60 days without any notification, your membership will be canceled. You are only allowed to check one book and one film at a time.

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